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For Sale


Dance x Americano- Cou Clair Wether Available $150
Penny x Americano- Black w/Moonspots Doeling $475
                                            Cou Clair Doeling $475
Dreamer x Boutonniere- *Chamosie w/Moonspots Buckling $400
                Blue Eyes*                  *Chocolate Buckling $400
                                                      *Black&White Wether $400
Freya x Americano-
Revna x Americano-


Lakeview Acre AR Faline- $475
Sire: Carmel Springs AT Aramis
Dam: Carmel Springs GC Crème Brûlée

Carmel Springs Holly Holy- $475

Sire: Alethia DJ Eye Of Jupiter

Dam: Carmel Springs Sweet Caroline

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