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Sales Info/Terms

Goats are herd animals and need companions, so because of this we only sell goats in pairs, unless you already have goats. We love all of our goats and want them to have happy and healthy homes when they leave us. All goats will come with a current health record when they go to their new homes.  

All kids will be dis-budded unless they are polled, tattooed (if sold as registered), de-wormed (if needed) and vaccinated for CD&T before leaving our farm.


To reserve a kid while the doe is still pregnant please get in contact with me as this is a first come, first serve basis. There is no cost to reserve, once kids are born we will get in contact with you before we post the kids for sale. Once kids are born you have 3 days to decided which kid you'd like, once your decision has been made a non-refundable holding fee of $100 is needed at that time.



If you are interested in a kid after it has been born a non-refundable holding fee of $100 per goat is needed at that time to ensure that you want the kid. 

*For any reservations or holds please contact me ASAP to ensure you get the kid(s) you want.

Bottle feeding kids:

Unless there is a reason for it, we let the does raise the kids. We spend hours everyday with the baby goats and we make sure they are well socialized before they leave. We have busy schedules that do not allow the time to bottle feed all kids. If you would like to bottle feed you will need to contact me and let me know so we can make the arrangements to do so.

Taking your kid(s) home:

*Full Payment must be made in order for the goat(s) to leave the farm.

Kids have to be picked up within 1 week of being weaned. Kids typically wean anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks. We will only hold the goat for one week after the original scheduled pickup date. After that time we may offer the goat to another buyer, Or if you choose there is a $2 a day charge for any additional days that the goat is on the farm. This is paid at the time of pick up.

If you are purchasing multiple kids that are born on different dates, we can make arrangements to hold them for you so that they can be picked up or transported together.

All transport costs are paid by the buyer.

Please Note: We reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm for any reason
*All Sales are Final, No Refunds or Exchanges*

Payment Methods:

Cash, Venmo or

Check *Must clear the bank before goat leaves the Farm*


*May differ between goats*






* Buy 2 get $50 off






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