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It All Started With One...

Lets go back in time to Spring of 2017. I wanted a goat, not just for me but for Ayden to be able to learn how to take care of an animal and to eventually show in 4-H. I found a baby goat from a gal that lived not to far from us. I got in the car and went to pick her up, I named her Ziah! I brought her home and she SCREAMED the whole night, little did I know that you cant just have one goat, they are heard animals and Ziah needed a buddy. So then started my search in finding her a buddy, I eventually found this beautiful doe that had triplets still on her and they were only asking $25! I hopped in the truck and went for a drive and brought back with me Willow! That’s when I fell in love with the Nigerian Dwarf Breed. I then started my research on them and found out lots of amazing things about the breed: Like they have the highest butter fat content in their milk out of all dairy breeds, and the fact that you can make soap with their milk! I watched tons of YouTube Videos of other family's that raise the same breed for Showing and Milking. After continually watching Weed’em and Reap and seeing DaNelle and her family raise Nigerians on a 1 acre lot in Arizona I thought to myself “why cant I do that here in Nine Mile Falls, Wa?”

Fast Forward one year to Spring of 2018. Buy this time I had found Blue Cactus Dairy Goats on YouTube and told my husband that I’d like to get a buckling to raise and use to breed to my 2 girls. It took some convincing but I got the yes! I found a cute little bucking in Old Town, Idaho and had to have him, I sent her the payment and waited till he was old enough to come home with me! A few weeks later and noticed she had a little doeling available and I again fell in love! I kept her a secret for a bit and finally told hubby how it would be nice to have registered goats to eventually get into showing, he said “ahh hha”. I took it as a YES haha! When they both got old enough to bring them home I jumped in the truck with my kiddo and headed north. Sassy and Loki were the new kids on the block and I couldn't wait to breed in the Fall. When Fall 2018 came around Sassy was still to small to breed so I was going to wait another year but Loki was ready to go! He bred Ziah and Willow with out me knowing and winter rolled around and they got fat, I thought it was just winter fluff but nope! I had my first kids on the way for spring 2019!

Spring 2019. We have Kids! My first time with pregnant goats, I was nervous even though I grew up watching horses give birth. Both moms had smooth births and we had 4 kids total, I enjoyed every moment with the new goaties. Once they got old enough I sold them to great homes and I knew I wanted to continue with breeding, so I did. Fall of 2019 I bred my 4 does (had 3 but got another in the summer) and decided I wanted to try making soap, I did not have my own source of milk yet so I went on the look out for any fellow goat people that had any to spare which at this time was not much because fall is breeding season and does start to dry up during this time to get their bodies ready for caring kids trough the winter months. I was able to find milk and made my very first batch of Goats Milk Soap! I’m hooked now! It was so fun and the fact that I found something that I could now share with family and friends and use as gifts, who doesn't like a homemade gift! It doesn’t stop there... now that I made all this soap and I was using YouTube to learn about colors and fragrances I decided to try selling some of what I had. AMAZING, people loved my little soaps! I received so much support and now I have my own little hobby that I will hopefully turn into a small business!

The year 2020(current), I have 7 does and 3 bucks. We now raise Registered Nigerian Dwarfs with the perfect pet quality personality's. I’m using my own milk to make my soaps and now make other luxurious products as well. Sold all the 2020 kids and I’m now planning the breeding's for 2021 kids and learning about showing and testing for the next year. Come follow along as we continue to improve our heard, make our Goats Milk Soaps and live happily.

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